Fun Barista Training Courses -learn how to make great coffee in a fun environment!

· a novel addition for a birthday*, stag or hen event!

*age limits apply.  Minimum 18 years old

This course is all about having fun with coffee!

This is a very hands on course and everyone will have the opportunity to take part in making and learning about coffee and of course – tasting it!

Lunch and cakes can also be provided to complement the copious amounts of coffee you will be drinking too!

These events are designed to offer a relaxed environment, focusing on learning about, and making barista style coffee!

A typical day may include:

A warm welcome with a nice cup of coffee, fresh pastry and a quick chat about coffee and how it comes from growing on a tree to our cups.

· The coffee roasting process and a sensory challenge

· An introduction to the state of the art equipment you will be using.

· Learning how to use the espresso machine including steaming milk.

· How to pour latte art.

If you want the course to be competitive, we can offer :

· Latté art competitions – who can pour the best heart!

· Speed test – who can produce two professional standard cappuccinos’ the fastest!

· The taste test – Who can pick out the poor quality coffee!

These events are tailor-made to your requirements and each one is bespoke, events can be as little as 2 hours in the evening to full days and the price will reflect the amount of time, people and activities included in your personal package so please contact us for details.

Price on Application

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